Cranbrook Art Museum

Keith Haring at Cranbrook Art Museum @ Detroit Art Review

Keith Haring is internationally known for his ebullient and evocative figure drawings, rising to art world fame in the mid-1980s on a wave of graffiti-influenced NYC street culture. Like many of his contemporaries, Haring was part of an early wave bringing art to market as a prestige commodity, and like […]

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Cranbrook Winter openings @ Detroit Free Press

For the Cranbrook Art Museum Director Andrew Blauvelt, the suite of four new winter shows came together as part careful planning, part good luck. “It was kind of serendipitous, but very lucky,“ said Blauvelt. The museum was developing a show around the work of New York-based graphics artist Ryan McGinness, and […]

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Alexander Girard at Cranbrook Art Museum @ Hyperallergic

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — “Every new project presents some version of basic order,” wrote Alexander Girard. “In it, the ingredients for the exercise of fantasy and magic may usually be found.” The quote, taken from one of Girard’s artist statements, was heavily referenced in a symposium devoted to his fantastic and fantastical […]

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The Truth Booth @ Knight Arts blog

Since July 31, the Detroit metro area has been visited by “The Truth Booth,” an ongoing interactive project conceived by Cause Collective, and brought for a two-week intensive visit to Michigan by a $60,000 Knight Arts Challenge grant awarded to the Cranbrook Art Museum. Laura Mott, curator of contemporary art […]

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The Truth Booth preview @ CultureSource

Detroit, are you ready to speak your truth? This city is a place where several layers of truth coexist—sometimes peacefully, sometimes in harsh opposition. Many aspects of Detroit are painted as black-and-white issues, when it is, in reality, a place that contains various shades of gray and a lot of […]

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