creative generalism

12/1/15 – Every Which Way w/ Tom Laverty

Artist: Thomas Laverty Location: Trinosophes Breakfast: TL – Coffee drink of some kind, biscuit breakfast sandwich (pickles on the side) SRS – Coffee (black), biscuit breakfast sandwich (pickles in the mix) You know how I’m always struggling with being a multi-channel creative type? Tom Laverty gets this. He’s a recording […]

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7/29/15 – The Art of Breakfast with Kirsten Lund

Artist: Kirsten Lund Location: Honest ? John’s Breakfast: KL – The Special (eggs, bacon, hash browns), coffee (cream) SRS – Corned beef hash, eggs over medium, rye toast with grape jelly, coffee (cream) I met Kirsten Lund the way all introverts meet other introverts—via an extrovert. In this case, Heather […]

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