creative vs procreative

5/9/2016 – Sophomore Slump with Saladin Ahmed

Artist: Saladin Ahmed Location: Parks & Rec Diner Breakfast: SA – Coffee (black), cinnamon roll SRS – Coffee (black), 1/2 waffle + 1 egg (over hard), side of bacon Being a writer is sort of a slippery profession. Compared with other kinds of art-making, it is incredibly low overhead; for […]

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9/1/15 – #KAF15 – Cuppetelli & Mendoza

Artist: Annica Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza Location: Brooklyn St. Local Breakfast: AC – Coffee (black), quiche, salad CM – Coffee (“fake sugar”), blue cheese & mushroom omelet, rye toast, salad SRS – Coffee (black), “The Traditional” – two eggs (over hard), roasted potatoes, bacon, rye toast & jam I have […]

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