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6/6/2016 – Genre of Place with Lauren Semivan

Artist: Lauren Semivan Location: The Daily Dinette Breakfast: LS – Tea, breakfast sandwich with sausage SRS – Coffee (black), Samoa doughnut, Homer doughnut I met Lauren Semivan during one of her intermittent trips back to the Detroit Metro area, where she grew up, from Homer, Alaska, where she lives now. […]

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5/12/2016 – Creative Relief with Barbara Melnik Carson

Artist: Barbara Melnik Carson Location: Mudgie’s Breakfast: BMC – Coffee (cream), The Barrett (did not eat pickle wedge) SRS – Coffee (black), The Kenna I’m so glad Barbara Melnik Carson reached out and we were able to meet up for breakfast (“This is actually lunch, right?” said Barbara) at Mudgie’s […]

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