Jessica Frelinghuysen

HNAF recap @ Knight Arts Blog

Telltale signs of autumn in Detroit: unpredictable weather, a preponderance of cider mill treats and, best of all, the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival. Held on Saturday, Oct. 10, the annual event featured several Knight Arts grantees, including The Hinterlands, Hatch, Lo & Behold and Popps Packing. Now in its sixth […]

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8/20/15 – Space Adventures with Jessica Frelinghuysen

Artist: Jessica Frelinghuysen Location: Cass Cafe Breakfast: JRF – Iced tea, Salmon BLT, 1/2 “structural” sweet potato fries appetizer SRS – Coffee (black), “Naughty” salami and cheese wrap, 1/2 “ooh fancy” sweet potato fries appetizer, caramel cake Let’s do an exercise together: Jessica Free-Ling-Hi-Zen. Hi! Hi! Hi, Jessica! Free-Ling-Hi-Zen. That’s […]

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Process is the Destination: Sampled review @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — There seem to be two prevailing schools of thought among artists about process. On one side, you have those who cherish the illusion of seamless execution — the “zipless fuck” of art making, if you will — and as a result, go to great lengths to conceal their process. […]

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