object-oriented ontology

Carole Harris & Ash Arder @ Knight Arts blog

An engaged crowd was on hand at N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit on June 11, for an artist talk between veteran artist Carole Harris, whose multi-layered fiber works are on display in the Rose Gallery through June 25th, and Ash Arder, who brings youthful energy and a hunger […]

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City of Restless Objects at Simone DeSousa @ Hyperallergic

Detail view of Anthony Marcellini, “When Bricks Become Verses” (2016), 26 photographs on shelf, produced with Forterra Brick, Corunna, Michigan, and photographed by P.D. Rearick (all images courtesy Anthony Marcellini and Simone DeSousa Gallery) (click to enlarge) DETROIT — Object-oriented ontology suggests that inanimate objects have lives and wider spheres […]

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Olivia Erlanger at What Pipeline @ Knight Arts Blog

“I had been looking around these ideas of systemic crisis, global financial crisis, which is what I came of age in,” said artist Olivia Erlanger during a conversation about “The Oily Actor.” This new body of work was presented at What Pipeline, a Knight Arts grantee in Detroit. “It was […]

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12/27/15 & 12/31/15 – Circuits Activated with Cedric Tai

Artist: Cedric Tai Location: Bottom Line Coffee House/my studio Breakfast: CT – Coffee with cream (?)/soda water SRS – Coffee (black), cherry empanada/coffee This conversation with Cedric played out over two days–first, an hours-long conversation at a coffee shop, followed by a studio visit at my place, where Cedric got […]

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