Shaina Kasztelan

Pre-Fab/Post-Fab at UMIH @ Hyperallergic

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — When was the last time you felt like being a girl was actually fun? We’ve heard a lot of #MeToo lately — thankfully, because of course, me too — and while we’ve been contemplating the basic and largely unrelenting indignity of trying to be simultaneously respected […]

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Heavenly Dogs Art Collective @ Detroit Free Press

It’s hard to sit down with members of Hamtramck art collective Heavenly Dogs without feeling as if you’ve wandered onto the set of a hip-to-death sitcom about a wacky crew of creative millennials. On hand this day at KO Gallery, their recently opened and collectively operated gallery space that shares a storefront on Jos. […]

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Wet Hot American Queen of the Damned at KO Gallery @ Hyperallergic

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. — Let’s take a moment to appreciate weird beauty, and Shaina Kasztelan’s celebration of it, in her wild, multimedia paintings. In the inaugural solo show of Hamtramck’s new KO Gallery — headquarters for the Heavenly Dogs art collective, of which Kasztelan is a member — this young artist presents […]

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8/10/2016 – Live the Dream with Shaina Kasztelan

Artist:  Shaina Kasztelan Location: Brooklyn St. Local Breakfast: SK – Eggs Benedict, side of fries (upgraded to poutine), something-Heaven’s Lemonaid [sic] SRS – Coffee (black), Pork belly sandwich (sriracha) Everything that Shaina Kasztelan does looks just like her. From the deep Kool Aid purple color of the lavender lemonade she […]

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