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1/2/2016 – Letting Stuff Go with Mary Fortuna

Artist: Mary Fortuna (image above courtesy of the artist) Location: Detroit Institute of Bagels Breakfast: MF – Coffee, ham/egg/cheese on a sesame bagel (toasted), orange juice SRS – Coffee (black), toasted salt bagel with plain cream cheese It’s 2016, have you had a bagel with Mary Fortuna yet? Well, sorry, […]

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8/20/15 – Space Adventures with Jessica Frelinghuysen

Artist: Jessica Frelinghuysen Location: Cass Cafe Breakfast: JRF – Iced tea, Salmon BLT, 1/2 “structural” sweet potato fries appetizer SRS – Coffee (black), “Naughty” salami and cheese wrap, 1/2 “ooh fancy” sweet potato fries appetizer, caramel cake Let’s do an exercise together: Jessica Free-Ling-Hi-Zen. Hi! Hi! Hi, Jessica! Free-Ling-Hi-Zen. That’s […]

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