The Dozen

Desiree Cooper & Casey Rocheteau @ Knight Arts blog

Detroit’s literary scene is booming. Last week, two local authors held book launches for work that touches deeply on some of the most difficult and most real parts of being human, being black and being female: Desiree Cooper debuted a collection of flash fiction, “Know the Mother,” while Casey Rocheteau–the […]

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2/19/16 – Caring about things with Casey Rocheteau

Artist: Casey Rocheteau Location: Dime Store Breakfast: CR – Coffee (sugar, cream), Voodoo lady blood orange French toast special, 1/2 side order of bacon parm fries SRS – Coffee (black), duck confit reuben, 1/2 side order of bacon parm fries It’s hard to simplify conversations with Casey. Writer-on-writer action tends […]

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