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5/9/2016 – Sophomore Slump with Saladin Ahmed

Artist: Saladin Ahmed Location: Parks & Rec Diner Breakfast: SA – Coffee (black), cinnamon roll SRS – Coffee (black), 1/2 waffle + 1 egg (over hard), side of bacon Being a writer is sort of a slippery profession. Compared with other kinds of art-making, it is incredibly low overhead; for […]

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8/24/15 – KAF#15 – On Success with Lillien Waller

Artist: Lillien Waller Location: Le Petit Zinc Breakfast: LW – Coffee (black), spinach-and-something-else crepe SRS – Coffee (black), lemon sucre crepe I have mentioned already, and will mention again, how much I love the opportunity to connect with other writers. We are such a finicky, introverted bunch; it is so […]

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8/18/15 – Two Can Play That Game with Casey Rocheteau

Artist: Casey Rocheteau Location: Le Petit Dejueuner, Midtown Breakfast: CR & SRS – Coffee (cream & sugar, and black, respectively), scrambled eggs, maple bacon, sweet potato w/ chive sour cream, French toast We didn’t order weirdly samesies breakfast; LPD does things family-style, so we ordered the “Two Can Play That […]

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